Below are the videos of the main talks from the 2018 CViE National Event. Note that the presentation from Peter Saunders on Transgenderism is not yet available but will hopefully be added shortly.

Responding to the Transgender Challenge - Peter Saunders

Peter Saunders is the Chief Executive of the Christian Medical Fellowship. In this talk he addresses the very topical transgender issue, focusing on the background to the rise of the transgender movement and how Christians should respond according to the teaching of the Bible.

Engaging with Education - Alun Ebenezer

Alun Ebenezer is the Head Teacher at a very successful government funded boys school that is run with a unashamedly Christian ethos. Alun, a Christian himself, explained how he came to be the Head, and about the three pillars on which the school is founded.

Screen Safety and Security Resources - Introductory Presentation

This presentation introduces various eSafety resources that have been put together by CViE in response to feedback from parents. Further details can be found on our dedicated eSafety page here.