CViE South West Regional Meeting November 10 2018


We live in perilous times; the LGBT+ movement is vociferous in the promotion of their anti-biblical and amoral agenda. Not content with undermining every ethical standard of sexual behaviour they are now attempting to destroy the gender identity of man and woman. This marks a step change – the undermining and denying of something most of us would consider irrefutable fact. Allied to all this has been a move to identify anyone who holds to traditional values (whether from a Biblical worldview or not) as narrowminded and bigoted. Questioning the LGBT+ position is increasingly becoming a ‘hate crime’.


This, in turn, brings challenges not previously faced by Christian parents in bringing up their children within our society. The stark reality is that if Christian parents aren’t clearly instilling in their children the Biblical teaching on gender and sexual behaviour, the culture and society all around them will be more than willing to fill the gap.


Since the passing of the Children and Social Work Act in 2017, we have seen the government moving forward on introducing sexual relationship education into the curriculum and the worrying proposed content of the ‘updated’ statutory guidance for Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education.


No matter what form of education parents choose there is no escaping the influence of the environment in which we live. Also, the responsibility for the education of children is that of the parents and this cannot be abdicated.


To help parents, Christian Values in Education (CViE) have invited Lovewise to speak on the subject of ‘Sex and Relationship Education: equipping children with the right Biblical perspective’, to be held on Saturday 10 November 2018 at 15:00 in Maryport Street Baptist Chapel, Devizes, SN10 1AH. There is no cost to attend the meeting and everyone is welcome. (A collection will be taken at the meeting to offset the costs of holding the event.)


Mrs Elizabeth Farquhar will be speaking on behalf of Lovewise. Elizabeth is also a mother and school governor and is familiar with the use of Lovewise resources.


A brief update on the work of CViE will also be given.


It is intended to provide both a creche and a separate children’s activity for those aged 5-12 years old. The talk is considered suitable for those 13+ years.


Refreshments will also be available at the end of the presentation when there will also be opportunity to view resources from Lovewise and CViE.


If anyone would be willing to help with the creche, children’s activity, or catering then please contact Michael Ridout (CViE Chairman) on or on 07873408880 (m)


We are grateful to Pastor Thomas Yates for making Maryport Street Baptist Chapel available to us. The Chapel is situated in close proximity to local car parks.

If you are able to help promote the event, then this would be very much appreciated. Hard copies of the flyer are being distributed in the Wiltshire and surrounding area. If you would like hard copies of the flyer for personal distribution, then please email: with your mailing details.



Further information:


Lovewise was started in Newcastle upon Tyne in 2002 by two paediatric doctors and the head teacher of a local secondary school. Together they were becoming increasingly concerned by the number of young people in their clinics and in schools who were suffering from the consequences of damaging relationships and family breakdown.


Seeing the needs of young people, Lovewise has developed resources (for parents, churches and schools) about marriage and sex. These resources encourage them to consider the God-given design of marriage and the wisdom and benefits of keeping sex for marriage.