Bits of interest - March 2018

This post provides a summary of a number of issues that CViE have noted in the past month and follows on from the previous updates.


In this update, we have included information on Barnet Council’s support of faith schools; the importance of reading; the distraction of social media; the importance of physical exercise; and a concern over state education.

CViE Spotlight: Educate and Celebrate

This post is the first in the CViE Spotlight on... series that will focus on groups that have a positive and negative influence on education. In raising awareness of groups such as Educate and Celebrate, it is not to condone their activity but to warn of their existence
This post is concerned with making parents and others aware of the existence of the LGBT+ charity “Educate and Celebrate” and its adverse influence in schools. The post also encourages parents to find out what is being taught to their children together with what is being promoted in their school.