Bits of interest - June 2018

The House of Commons Library has recently published a number of briefing papers relating to various aspects of education. It’s worth flicking through these as they provide an insight into the school environment:

Faith Schools in England: FAQs

This briefing paper considers what is a faith school; asks a range of questions about faith schools; and provides a statistical annex.

Amongst the questions that are addressed are those relating to admissions criteria: the teaching of religious education; teaching of creationism; and the teaching of same-sex marriage.

The briefing can be found by clicking here.

Safeguarding in English schools

This briefing paper provides information on the safeguarding responsibilities of schools in England, including the role of governing bodies, headteachers and school staff, the inspection of safeguarding, say staff recruitment, and procedures for dealing with allegations against members of staff.

What is noticeable when reading the briefing is the breadth and scope of safeguarding responsibilities placed on English schools. Section 4.8 highlights the responsibility governing bodies to ensure the school’s child protection policy includes procedures to minimise the risk of pupil on pupil abuse and sets out how allegations will be investigated and dealt with. Reference is made to searching, screening and confiscation, and sexting.

The briefing can be found by clicking here.


Sexual harassment in education


This briefing paper provides information on requirements in all stages of education, whether school, college or university, relating to sexual harassment and violence. The paper also provides a useful summary of the position in schools regarding behaviour and bullying policies, and the teaching of relationships & sex education and PSHE.


Section 1.5, Allegations against teachers or other pupils, makes stark reading particularly the link to the advice for schools on Sexual violence and harassment between children in schools and college (published in May 2018).


The briefing can be found by clicking here.


Keeping children safe in education


Within the briefings on safeguarding, and sexual harassment reference is made to the new statutory guidance for schools that will commence September 3, 2018.


Although the guidance is directed at those involved in the management and operation of schools and colleges, it does provide a useful background the parents to understand the aspects of keeping children safe that schools and colleges are required to undertake.


Amongst the information within the statutory guidance, Annex C, Online safety provides a

useful way of viewing the issues involving online safety under the headings: content, contact, and conduct. There is also a useful table showing the information available to support schools.


The revised guidance can be found by clicking here, and a more succinct version for all school and college staff can be found by clicking here.


Online safety and security is an issue that has been raised by parents with CViE and as this topic will be covered at the CViE National Event 2018 on Saturday 22nd September in Reigate.This will include the launch of a new leaflet to help parents with managing online safety. See the CViE website for further details of the National Event.


Eleven years of education and they can’t even tell the time


This article by Chris McGovern, Chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, picks up on an article, earlier in the year, in The Daily Telegraph relating to schoolchildren who could not tell the time on an analogue clock. The author also highlights other side effects of reliance on digital technology such as young children who cannot hold a pen or a pencil as they lacked the ‘fine motor’ skills to do so.


The article can be found by clicking here.