CViE National Event 2018 - "Battlegrounds"

Following the positive reaction to our national events in the last couple of years, if the Lord will, it is hoped to hold the CViE National Event 2018 at the Reigate Parish School, Reigate, Surrey on Saturday, 22 September 2018.

The decision to hold the event further south is in response to feedback and we trust the venue will be convenient. We have also endeavoured to make the date known as early as possible, so please put it in your diary!
The title for the National Event is “Battlegrounds”. Every day we see further the secular, immoral worldview that increasingly guides our culture and is in stark contrast to the teachings of the Bible. One of the key battlegrounds is in education. where Biblical principles are under sustained attack, secular influences (on sex, relationships and gender in particular) vie for the hearts and minds of our children, and the right of parents to educate their children as they choose is being eroded.

We hope to hold sessions on safety and security in cyberspace, engaging with education, and transgenderism. A programme for children and young people will also be available and one topic we hope to cover is peer pressure.

More details will follow, later in the year, as the programme for the event develops.

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