Bits of interest - February 2018

Impact of social media and screen-use on young people’s health

On 21st February, the Science and Technology Committee launched, an inquiry into the impact of social media and screen-use on young people’s health. The background information to the inquiry refers to the Education Policy Institute who reported that 90% of UK 15 year olds use social media before or after school, and half of 9-16 year olds use smart phones on a daily basis. Reference is also made to various reports that raise concerns about the health and well-being of children and young people using social media. Details of the enquiry can be found by clicking here
CViE will be following this inquiry and will feedback to our supporters as more information becomes available. 

Shortage of Religious Education Teachers

The BBC recently reported on the impact of the shortage of RE teachers. This was based on concerns expressed by the Religious Education Council of England and Wales who are leading a consortium to relaunch the Beyond Ordinary campaign, designed to attract career changers and graduates to train as RE teachers. Further information can be found by clicking here

Transgender influences

The Telegraph has reported on how Pearson, which owns the exam board EdExcel and is a major publisher of school textbooks, will shortly update all its products and resources to ensure that they are “LGBT inclusive”. Mention is made of a new Handbook (“Creating an LGBT Inclusive Curriculum”) for secondary schools produced by Stonewall and sponsored by Pearson. The article can be found by clicking here
Reading this article raises the question “how aware are parents of what resources are being used in their children’s school to promote views contrary to Bible teaching?”.  CViE would encourage you to find out and would be pleased to hear the experiences of parents who have approached their children’s school with any concerns (and the outcomes of this). The intention would be to anonymously share this information to help others also making a stand. Details of how to contact CViE can be found by
clicking here

Home education in England

The House of Commons Library has published a research briefing on “Home education in England” over the years, there have been attempts to add further (intrusive close bracket legislation to that already in existence to monitor home education. Today these attempts have not been successful however this briefing is seen as a precursor to a forthcoming consultation on revised guidance on home education for parents and local authorities. The briefing paper can be accessed by clicking here
Central to the debate on home education is that the responsibility for educating children rests with parents not the state. For Christian parents, this responsibility is closely related with a desire to walk in the fear of the Lord in the education of their children. With this in mind, CViE seeks to be a help to parents no matter whatever educational choice they make for their children and we are keen to receive feedback on how we might continue to do this.