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20th Anniversary Event

We have taken the opportunity in this newsletter to provide details of the forthcoming Christian Values in Education National Event on Saturday 24 September 2016 at Caddington Village School, near Luton.

The event will deal with some challenging issues that should hopefully be of interest to parents whatever schooling system their children are involved in. For this reason, we have called the event ‘Grasping the Nettle’. There is also a range of activities for children and young people.

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There is no charge for the event.

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Starting University

Starting university can be one of the biggest steps you take. It is often the first time that you move away from home and there will be many questions and thoughts that race through your mind. Will I make friends? What will people think of me? Will I get homesick?

I write this article from my own experiences as a student who found it difficult to adjust to university life, and I hope it may be helpful for those who are starting university this year, or are hoping to go to university at some point.

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